What Pets Live the Longest?

The most heartbreaking thing about having a pet is the fact that you will most likely outlive it. This means dealing with the sadness of losing a pet several times during one human lifetime. There are some pets out there who are known for living long lives. They aren’t all mammals, surprisingly!


Koi fish can live for around three decades. The oldest reported koi lived for over 200 years. Her scales were examined after her death and, indeed, the growth on the scales indicated an age of 226.


These talking birds live on average 60 years in captivity. Some have been reported to live as long as 80 to 100 years! Larger parrots seem to have a longer lifespan than smaller ones.


Because horses can live for up to 30 years with good care, it’s important to figure in their inevitable golden years when planning your future finances. Horses are certainly high-maintenance pets but they make great companions. 


With expert and consistent care the domestic pig can live to 20 years. Like horses, pigs require a lot of care and plenty of room to explore. Plus, they’ll need a nice mud pit to wallow in. However, if you can help save a pig from the slaughterhouse, you will be rewarded with a highly intelligent and loyal friend. 


This reptile is the great-grandfather of them all. 80 years is a normal life expectancy for a tortoise, but many live well beyond – up to 150 years! These slow-moving crawlers don’t need constant attention but they need proper care and nutrition. Lots of fresh veggies should make up the bulk of their diet. The rest can come in the form of mealworms or tortoise pellets.


Needing less room and less food than a tortoise, a gecko is known to live a couple of decades. These colorful reptiles come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. To prolong their lives, make sure the humidity is at optimum levels in their terrarium. Geckos are also often afflicted with parasitic infections. Finding a vet who specializes in reptiles is a must if you want it to live to a ripe old age.

Small to Medium Dog Breeds

You’ll be happy to know that our trusty canine companions make this list! Unfortunately, large dog breeds tend to have a shorter lifespan. The smaller dogs, on the other hand, routinely live up to 15 years. Malteses, Jack Russells, and Chihuahuas are only some of the breeds that make the list.

House Cats

The beloved feline is also one of the longest-lived pets with a lifespan of around 17 years on average. Of course, there are many who are said to live beyond that average, too. The caveat is that indoor cats have a longer lifespan than their outdoor counterparts. Living without shelter makes cats prone to disease and injury.

Maximize Their Lifespans

No animal can live its full potential without the proper diet and shelter. Providing your pets with high-quality food, proper exercise, and the proper climate will help ensure they will live long and happy lives.

By Gabrielle Allemeier


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