Sully Reviews Fluff & Tuff Plush Dog Toys

When I first spied Fluff & Tuff chew toys at my local Pet Food Express I was skeptical – are they really gonna be able to take a licking as they say? I’ve NEVER met a chew toy I couldn’t bust through in a matter of hours. My folks keep trying new toys and I keep destroying them and before you know it, cotton stuffing is strewn all over the couch, a random stuffed bunny ear is stuck between the couch cushions, and the mess is beyond impressive! I’m actually pretty proud of my handiwork but my humans just shake their heads.

With some pleading on my end, I did recently get my paws on a Fluff & Tuff bunny. Let’s call him Thumper. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, was I excited!!! Thumper was about half my size but I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into him and take him all around the house. First, I showed him my dog bed where we wrestled all around. Then, one of my humans picked Thumper up and gave him a squeeze and I heard the most adorable little squeak – I didn’t know Thumper could squeak too – pawsome! My mom tossed him in the air and I caught him, of course! We resumed the tour and I took him to the couch where we laid together for about 4 hours. I gnawed on his ears, nibbled on his tail, licked his paws – we had so much fun!

My mom kept marveling that Thumper was holding up through my rough housing! Not a single broken stitch on day 1. No stuffing strewn all over the ground. I was thrilled too – Thumper was like my new buddy and I just knew we were going to have days of fun playtime ahead. It took about 3 weeks and finally – FINALLY – I made a wee hole in Thumper’s ear. A little stuffing came out which didn’t bother me but my mom took it out and then let me play with Thumper some more – yay! I gotta say, this has been one of the most durable toys I’ve ever had. Eventually, Thumper split his seams a little bit more but my mom says that since I got so many weeks of play out of him, that it was totally worth it!

Lucky dog that I was, we got to go back to the store and get some more Fluff & Tuff friends! Let me introduce you to Spike, Foxy, Thumper 2, and Chompy!

Turns out there’s a reason why these toys seems more durable than many others – they’re made from high quality fabric on the outside, there’s a durable thick inner mesh liner on the inside along with double stitched concealed seams, embroidered eyes, squeaker heart, ICTI factory certified, and non-toxic polyester fiber stuffing. Each toy is also tested for lead and phthalates. They don’t claim to be indestructible – what toy is? – but they are pretty dang resilient IMHO.

Fluff & Tuff, founded in 2010 by Chris & Ellen Lawson, is a family owned and operated business located in Michigan. Cost per toy ranges from $9.95-$28.95.

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