How Much Does Mobile Dog Grooming Cost?

Mobile dog grooming prices vary by state and city. Yet, you can expect to pay on the high end about $100 wherever you are. Because each trip for the groomer must count in profit the cost will be higher than in a brick-and-mortar salon. However, many of the mobile groomers will tack on extra little goodies with the higher price.

The Big Cities

Because densely populated cities often have higher living costs they are used in this article to gauge the cost of mobile grooming for those regions. As expected, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York are the most expensive where residents will pay roughly $100 for a no-frills grooming of an average-sized dog. Many customers will pay more than that based on the breed and temperament of their dogs.

On the lower end are southern cities such as Houston and Atlanta. These cities average about $70 for the average dog. Orlando, in the Southeast, was also around $70.

Chicago was used to represent the Midwest. Prices are reasonable in the Windy City, coming in at about $80 for an average-size dog. As Chicago is one of the more expensive cities in the Midwest, it can be assumed that less populated areas may be a bit cheaper, on par with living expenses.

A pleasant surprise was Hawaii. The islands are known to be very expensive but mobile grooming is about $90 on average. Alaska, the other state not on the mainland, is about $70 for an average to large dog breed.

What’s Included?

Mainly what is included is the convenience at your doorstep. You will pay a premium for that added luxury. Since convenience is an intangible concept in the world of business-to-consumer mobile groomers will often include items that don’t raise their costs but give the perception of added value to the customer. Such items include organic, top-of-the-line shampoo and conditioner, pretty ribbons or hair baubles, bandannas, and treats.

Convenience is the main idea here but providing a dependable service is also key. What is normally expected in a brick-and-mortar pet salon service will often be included in the mobile grooming experience. These services tend to be a haircut, nail trim, bath, blow dry, brush out, gland expression, ear cleaning, and tear-stain cleaning.

What’s Not Included?

Most grooming services, whether in-house or mobile, are charged on the size of the dog and the type of fur. If you have an unusually large dog such as a Great Dane, the price will easily set you back over $100 per appointment. Be aware that many mobile groomers may not be equipped to handle extra-large dogs. Additionally, dogs that have been severely neglected or are extremely dirty and smelly will also have an extra charge attached. Higher charges apply to rambunctious or naughty dogs. Even if you go for the basic services these conditions will add several more dollars to your tab.

There are luxury spa-type services too. Blueberry facials are a big thing with the groomers. These facials take away the stink and make your dog’s face kissable again. The ingredients clean away those red tear stains bringing your dog’s fur back to a gleaming shine. The blueberry facial is recommended for dogs with white fur. Other spa-type services can include teeth cleaning, “paw”dicures, de-shedding, extra moisturizing, flea and tick treatments, and skin treatments.

Mobile or In-House?

The mobile groomer is a little more expensive than in-house but not substantially more. Among those who find mobile grooming very convenient are disabled individuals or people with unmanageable pooches. You can also be more observant of the grooming process whereas a brick-and-mortar establishment will often require you to drop off your dog and pick up later. It all depends on your needs and if you think there is a cost benefit. Ultimately, your dog needs to be groomed whether you are doing it or you’re having it done professionally.

By Gabrielle Allemeier


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