Healthy Dog Food Brands

Gone are the days when dogs were fed the same old dried kibble that smelled like cardboard and probably tasted worse. Now dogs are given the same luxuries that we would give ourselves, including high-quality food. Although we want to give our dogs something close to a human diet we often cannot provide them their nutritional needs without a formulated commercial brand dog food. With many dog food recalls in recent years we are just as vigilant about the safety of our dogs’ food as we are of our own.

With that said, there aren’t many dog food brands that haven’t experienced a recall. It helps to put it in perspective. Human-grade food companies have recalls too. When we break it down to ratio of the volume of food sold we can be assured that most dog food is safe. No one wants bad press about dog food so the companies are also extremely vigilant about quality control.

This list is comprised of not only healthy dog foods, but those that are easily obtained and cost-effective. We all want our dogs to be healthy and happy but many of us can’t afford the most expensive foods. You don’t have to feel bad because of the food you get your dog. Doing what you can for your dog with the means available to you is the most important part!


Natural Balance

With formulas for every type of dog, Dick Van Patten’s famous pet food is a favorite across the nation. This is one of the first dog food brands to come out with a vegan recipe, too. If your dog has allergies, you can try one of the exotic meat types made with venison or bison.

Taste of the Wild

Just like its name this premium dog food uses a lot of exotic meats such as duck, venison, and salmon. There are no grains in this brand either – think of it as the Paleo diet for dogs. With high protein, plenty of Omega-3, and less fat, this is food for any dog, especially ones that need a healthier, but palatable, diet.

Primal Pets

If you want to give your dog a raw diet, but you don’t want to risk giving them a bacterial infection, try this lightweight dog food. Don’t be fooled by the weight; you must add water to the food before you give it to your dog. Otherwise, they can choke on the freeze-dried food. You can also crumble up the freeze-dried chunks and add it to their normal food as an extra, nutritious treat. There’s no denying that this food is very expensive, especially for large dogs who need a lot of calories.

Grocery Store Pet Food

Rachael Ray’s Nutrish

Rachael Ray has made her fame has a TV chef and personality but she has the philosophy that dogs deserve the same gourmet treatment. Thus, she has her own brand of dog food with high-quality meat, no fillers, vegetables, and vitamins. The price is just right, too. Her brand can be found in any grocery store, Target, or Walmart.


Purina has been in the dog-food business for more than a century. While their recipes and methods have changed, their love of pets has not. Purina still sells traditional dog kibble but they also have their top-shelf brands with zero grains and plenty of supplements. Purina might not be the boutique brand but it is trusted by millions of dog-parents around the world.

Hill’s Science Diet

This one’s a little more expensive than Purina and Nutrish but Hill’s is a great way to target your dog’s diet with what they need. Every dog breed is different and every dog is different. Hill’s has a variety for every need or ailment. It’s often sold at grocery stores, retailers, or pet-supply retailers but you can find it just as easily online.

By Gabrielle Allemeier


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